Picture Perfect

If you haven't noticed, I like to take pictures.  Pictures capture a special moment in time that as time goes by for most events, we forget about.  As we flip back through the blog books we are reminded of drawings, sayings, events and moments in time.  Much to my family's agony, I put them through a yearly family photo session.  The kids school pictures always turn out goofy so I use the family session as the time to document their yearly photos too.
This year we were lucky to have Nana and Pops here to be in on the torture session.  Nana was our photographer while Pops was the comedic back drop. :)
 I have been wanting to a western style family picture since we moved here.  Just down the street is a desert wash where we were able to take our family photos this year.  I am thrilled with them!
People have asked me how we get such great family photos, especially when usually we are doing it by our selves with a camera remote.
 While I may show you the best in the bunch, you must know there are a BUNCH!
As in 700 pictures to get less than 10 that look great.  Clearly I will no be going into photography when I go back to work.
 The other key to success is bribery and suffering...
 When I tell them family picture time is coming, groans can be heard a mile away.  But I threaten them with knowing the suffering will continue until everyone looks at the camera at the same time and smiles!  A real smile!!
 Secondly, candy is a powerful persuader during the photo shoot.  If we get a good one, everyone gets a treat.
 Sometimes I have to kiss Max to get him to smile for real.
 Yes, even I have a patented picture smile.
Here are some of our failures to demonstrate what it takes to get picture perfect.  This was our Wild West shot.  Don't we look tough?
 Then our sassy Kardashian pose.
 Hand adjustment time.
 Dad was getting serious at this point.
 I ended up looking like I was pregnant.
 I can see its time for me to step in on the positioning.
 Turn you face this way and you stand here… and like it!
 Oops, my boobs are hanging out.
 This is so fun.
All we need is love.
Enter Magic Mike.
Hank can you please keep your clothes on so we can finish?!
 Are we done yet!!??
 I'm melting….
Picture Perfect!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so fun to follow! U-Dave

Courtney said...

I think you need a wall of outtakes and a big blow up of the greatest hits! You all are so great-love the pics! XOXO and Merry Christmas!