Thanksgiving 2013

With Nana, Pops and Anna visiting we let the kids play hookie on Wednesday to be able to spend more time visiting.  Luckily all the Thanksgiving school feasts were on Tuesday.
 Compared to the prior evening in Paris, Thanksgiving seemed easy and a little anticlimactic.  It was so mellow.  While we prepped the food their was time for a never ending game of Monopoly.  Team Pops and Kaitlin won.
Hank and Pops worked on letters.
 Always in a costume, Hank was ready to represent both the Indians and Pilgrims.
 I had just enough time to change the dinning room from Paris to Thanksgiving.  I love this candle display.  You can have it say Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks.  Hobby Lobby had the pumpkin letter decals on clearance and then I just added them to the pillar candles.  They peel off so I can use the candles throughout the house.
We really are so thankful and had extra reasons to be thankful this year.
 Max and I continued our tradition of a turkey smack down.  He needs to inject his to keep it moist… ;)
 These two little sweeties made the candied yams.
A tale of two birds… His and Hers.
 Three cheers stitches for Thanksgiving!  I won this year!  But all of our playful competition dissipated because just as we were pulling the winning bird out of the oven Hank ran up to look and tipped the barstool over and cut his cheek open.
We knew he needed stitches so we decided to give him a temporary fix with a band aid and eat dinner.
 It was a rather subdued Thanksgiving.  But we were reminded of how many blessings we have.  With an ER wait ahead of us, we began to talk about all the other people that might be at the ER on Thanksgiving.  We were thankful we would be going just for stitches and not choking, deep fryer burns, electric knife cuts or car accidents.  We were thankful to have family around so both Max and I could take him.  We were thankful for the bounty of food in front of us even though our appetite was not so grand anymore. Thankful for the beautiful 4 children in front of us with the only medical condition being stitches.  The list goes on.  So much to be giving thanks for.
 The ER was rough.  While we were surprised by how quickly we were in and out, the stitching up was a tad traumatic for all of us.  When Hank was 18 months old he had to get his lip stitched up for trying to fly and connecting with the coffee table.  The doctor decided to give him a drug that paralyzed him and not numb his lip since it was only two stitches.  He was terrified of doctors offices for about 6 months.  Well, I think it all came back to him.  He began to flip out as soon as they brought in the suture kit.  He was screaming you are hurting me before they even touched him.  He couldn't be reasoned with so he had to be tied down with sheets and us holding him.  It was so hard to hear him beg us to let go and not understand why we would do this to him.  The actual stitching was a piece of cake but he was so terrified and fought so hard that it made it very stressful.  Afterward we tired hard to reassure him and explain why we had to hold him down. :(
 We made it home in time for dessert!  Less than 2 hours at the ER.  Yet another Thanksgiving blessing.  Hank has healed up very well and is no wiser.  He continues to be daring and somewhat careless with his safety.  I think I will need to start praying for all of Hank's future doctor's and ER staff.

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