100th Day of School

The 100th Day of Kindergarten is always a reason to celebrate!  The kids have mastered counting to a 100 and working on their 100 sight words!
 Hank has grown so much this year!  Last week his teacher was given the teacher of the year award at his school!  She is so amazing and has nurtured Hank's learning.  I can't believe he is already starting to read.  He love school thanks to his excellent teacher.

He wanted to bring in 100 Jelly Beans.  We counted out colors of 10 each until he made it to 100.  I forgot to get a picture before he left and he came home with just 40 jelly beans.  I guess he was quite the sharer. :)
 I certainly had to get in on the celebration with a cake that 100 blueberries on it.
 The girls were all a little blue that they no longer get a day to celebrate the 100th day of school.  So I made a 100 day paper chain with love notes for each of my gang, Max too.  We read them over dinner.
Last but not least we dove into the cake and chocolate dipped strawberries.  This is such a sweet time in my life!  I love them to the moon and back!

Desert Delights

For Christmas Max got some protective motorcycle gear.  He couldn't wait to try it out but wanted us to come along for the ride.
The pit crew followed behind him in the truck.  We were bouncing around listening to crazy loud music while he was having a blast on the bike.
It was breath taking.
We were able to ride all the way down to Saguaro Lake where we had a picnic lunch.
It didn't take long until the kids were throwing rocks in the water.
It is so cool that we can drive just 20 minutes away and have these spectacular views.  We only saw a few people  along the road too.
I think I am seeing an evolution taking place.  Either I am going to need a Jeep or we are all going to need bikes. :)
I know Hank's vote.

Wild West Times

During the winter break some of my family was able to come visit!  It is always fun to watch the cousins play and have a chance to catch up with my parents and sister.
 While I was at piano with the girls and the little girls went to bed, Max took RJ and Hank golfing.  Can't do that in January in Colorado. :)
 The kids always enjoying playing.  Lots of eating and mine crafting!
The adults did a little eating too.  Max served up his specialty when my grandpa and his brother came to visit. :)
Gandpu found some the stuff Max has "borrowed" over the years.  He didn't have to endure years of sons taking stuff out of his garage, but now he has son-in-laws that borrow for good.  LOL
 What visit would be complete without a dip in the pool and hot tub?

Max wrangled all the kids while I cooked.  He is such a good man!
 We are going to turn all our friends and family into rednecks sooner or later.  We took them out shooting.  Grammy and the kids rode in the back of the truck off road!  Wild woman!
Max let all the kids shoot and even Grammy and Grandpu took a few rounds.  But I think he and I are the ones that really enjoy it the most.  I especially love the shotgun.
 The kids got a little board and ended up having a dance party in the car with Kerrie and baby Loni.

 I think everyone had a blast off roading and I know we enjoyed having them for a visit!

Lunch With Daddy

Over the break each of the kids were able to have a special lunch date with Daddy.  
They sure love their dad and love having one on one time with him.  I am pretty sure he digs them as much as they dig him.

New Year's New 2014

New year's New for 2014
 Our new food to try was chocolate cheese and chocolate bacon!  Everything is better with chocolate, however, not cheese.  The bacon was a winner while the chocolate cheese was a bust.
 Our New Game to play was tennis.  All the kids got new tennis racquets and balls for Christmas.  Everyone but Hailey enjoyed our first match.  It looks like baseball may be her sport as she hit every ball over the fence.  I think with some lessons, everyone would enjoy it more.  Here's to learning tennis in the new year!
 Under Armour is the new rage, so everyone got a new hoodie and wore it on New Year's Day.
 After our wild night of ringing in the New Year, we spent the day taking down Christmas decorations, vegging on the couch, popping Advil, and drinking lots of water.  Too much queso, junk food and wine. :)
We were ready to start fresh and strong with our New Year's Resolutions...tomorrow. :)

New Year's Eve 2013

Max and I have a tendency to be a little more rowdy than our peers.  We decided to invite some friends over for New Year's Eve.  Between the 2 families all the kids had a buddy over, giving us 6 adults and 9 kids to celebrate the New Year.  Neither couple had rang in the New Year since having their last child 5-6 years ago and most of their kids had not stayed up until midnight.  However, Max and I have rung in every single New Year with the kids.  We just can't help but have a celebration when ever there is an opportunity!  They thought we were crazy until they partied with us. :)
We had a night of wine tasting and poker while the kids played wii, foosball, watched a movie, and played hide and seek.
And of course, lots of yummy food!
 Max was our pyrotechnician for the grand finale.  The kids loved the sparklers and fireworks (almost as much as Max loved using the blow torch)!!
 It was a REALLY fun night for everyone!  I firmly believe in ringing in the New Year with a joyous celebration.  It sets the stage for the whole year.  If the New Year is anything like the first hour, its going to be an outstanding year!  Welcome 2014!!


Our elf Holly returned this year.  She arrived in a naughty mood and colored mustaches on the kids in their sleep.  Karlie woke up and was near tears as she thought one of her siblings did it to her.  As each one woke up and came out with a mustache on their face, she then thought it must be the other ones still asleep until she found everyone to have been attacked.  LOL
 Holly moved around each night and always kept us on our toes!
 Kaitlin would wake up at the crack of dawn and hunt all throughout the house until she found her.
 It appears we have a mischievous elf...
 She TPed the kitchen again!
 Siri had a fit one day when she spied Holly on the fan.  She tried for 10 minutes to figure out how to get her.
 I think Holly misses her elf friends.  She found some friends to play with though.
 She is also adventurous.  Hank turned on the fan and she went flying!  We were afraid she wouldn't come back, but she did!
 She dumped out all Karlie's rubber bands and left a trail to the work out room and was sporting a new rainbow loom necklace.  I guess she is crafty too.
Her final present was to wrap the toilet and TP the bathroom.  Karlie asked if she had left us a present in the toilet.  I just about died thinking about that one!  Holly left back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  She always brings excitement to the house and helps keep the kids on their best behavior.

Family Dinner

This year was a very mellow Christmas for us.  We had no visitors until after the New Year.  It was nice to have some down time to just hang out and enjoy each other.  However, we really miss our family at this time of year, so it felt a little lonely.  We were delighted to be invited over to my Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne's house for a Christmas dinner with my Grandpa and my Great Aunt Eileen, who was visiting from Kansas.  Anne and Larry created a wonderful outdoor dining experience and we were so happy to get to visit with everyone.  Hank loved Uncle Larry's Football room and the girls took up residence in Anne's office reading all the children's books she has collected.  It was a very nice evening and we are determined to make a better effort of getting together more since they are just an hour away from us.


Where does the time go!?  I always figured when the kids got older I would have more time, yet I feel like I have less time.  We always seem to be on the go or I am too busy to blog, so I have a lot of catch up to work on.
We had a very Merry Christmas!
 Santa was good to the kids.
 We had a lovely morning unwrapping gifts.
 Hank's big present this year was a vampire costume.  LOL  He wants to suck your blood...AhAh.  He is such a funny guy.  He still loves to dress up.  Maybe acting is in his future?
His other favorite present is the helicopter.  But he has to share it with Daddy.  Siri was very interested in it at first, but she has since become accustom to the fly overs.
 Nana and Pops sent Hank the Just Me and My Dad book.  He loves for Max to read it to him.  He wants to be just like Daddy.
 Cutest two boys in the world!
Kaitlin got a Doctor set and gave us all a check up.  She worked very diligently on a no sew blanket.  I would help her with mistakes but she did the entire blanket by herself!
Karlie's favorite gift was a school set.  She is quite the teacher and loved the whistle that came with it.  This girl likes to be in charge!
Hailey's big and practically only gift this year was an iPhone!  We had told her there was no way she was going to get one because she isn't due to upgrade until August and we were just not going to spend that much money.  However, Max had an upgrade and used it for her so he could make her dreams come true!
The three littles want to be like Hailey and all asked for bow and arrow sets.  So, we are quite the archery family now. :)  I took a go at Hailey's compound bow and had some great beginners luck!  Bulls-eye on the first strike.  I am sure to never be repeated again.
They all had fun with Shrinky Dinks too!
Our present to the kids was a foseball table!  There have been some intense battles and lots of laughs.
This was the year of the shoe for Max and me.  He bought me a pair of Uggs, some dress boots and new running shoes while I got him cowboy boots and motorcycle boots.
After a big breakfast of creamed eggs we ran a Christmas 5K together in the wash!  It was a very happy day.