Where does the time go!?  I always figured when the kids got older I would have more time, yet I feel like I have less time.  We always seem to be on the go or I am too busy to blog, so I have a lot of catch up to work on.
We had a very Merry Christmas!
 Santa was good to the kids.
 We had a lovely morning unwrapping gifts.
 Hank's big present this year was a vampire costume.  LOL  He wants to suck your blood...AhAh.  He is such a funny guy.  He still loves to dress up.  Maybe acting is in his future?
His other favorite present is the helicopter.  But he has to share it with Daddy.  Siri was very interested in it at first, but she has since become accustom to the fly overs.
 Nana and Pops sent Hank the Just Me and My Dad book.  He loves for Max to read it to him.  He wants to be just like Daddy.
 Cutest two boys in the world!
Kaitlin got a Doctor set and gave us all a check up.  She worked very diligently on a no sew blanket.  I would help her with mistakes but she did the entire blanket by herself!
Karlie's favorite gift was a school set.  She is quite the teacher and loved the whistle that came with it.  This girl likes to be in charge!
Hailey's big and practically only gift this year was an iPhone!  We had told her there was no way she was going to get one because she isn't due to upgrade until August and we were just not going to spend that much money.  However, Max had an upgrade and used it for her so he could make her dreams come true!
The three littles want to be like Hailey and all asked for bow and arrow sets.  So, we are quite the archery family now. :)  I took a go at Hailey's compound bow and had some great beginners luck!  Bulls-eye on the first strike.  I am sure to never be repeated again.
They all had fun with Shrinky Dinks too!
Our present to the kids was a foseball table!  There have been some intense battles and lots of laughs.
This was the year of the shoe for Max and me.  He bought me a pair of Uggs, some dress boots and new running shoes while I got him cowboy boots and motorcycle boots.
After a big breakfast of creamed eggs we ran a Christmas 5K together in the wash!  It was a very happy day.

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Courtney said...

Just me and my dad...i found the book that was mine at my mom's house and brought it home. Bodi loves it! He got the "I'm So Mad" book in the same Critters books. That one fits him right now! Looks like a very merry Christmas with your sweet fam. xoxo