Our elf Holly returned this year.  She arrived in a naughty mood and colored mustaches on the kids in their sleep.  Karlie woke up and was near tears as she thought one of her siblings did it to her.  As each one woke up and came out with a mustache on their face, she then thought it must be the other ones still asleep until she found everyone to have been attacked.  LOL
 Holly moved around each night and always kept us on our toes!
 Kaitlin would wake up at the crack of dawn and hunt all throughout the house until she found her.
 It appears we have a mischievous elf...
 She TPed the kitchen again!
 Siri had a fit one day when she spied Holly on the fan.  She tried for 10 minutes to figure out how to get her.
 I think Holly misses her elf friends.  She found some friends to play with though.
 She is also adventurous.  Hank turned on the fan and she went flying!  We were afraid she wouldn't come back, but she did!
 She dumped out all Karlie's rubber bands and left a trail to the work out room and was sporting a new rainbow loom necklace.  I guess she is crafty too.
Her final present was to wrap the toilet and TP the bathroom.  Karlie asked if she had left us a present in the toilet.  I just about died thinking about that one!  Holly left back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  She always brings excitement to the house and helps keep the kids on their best behavior.

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