New Year's New 2014

New year's New for 2014
 Our new food to try was chocolate cheese and chocolate bacon!  Everything is better with chocolate, however, not cheese.  The bacon was a winner while the chocolate cheese was a bust.
 Our New Game to play was tennis.  All the kids got new tennis racquets and balls for Christmas.  Everyone but Hailey enjoyed our first match.  It looks like baseball may be her sport as she hit every ball over the fence.  I think with some lessons, everyone would enjoy it more.  Here's to learning tennis in the new year!
 Under Armour is the new rage, so everyone got a new hoodie and wore it on New Year's Day.
 After our wild night of ringing in the New Year, we spent the day taking down Christmas decorations, vegging on the couch, popping Advil, and drinking lots of water.  Too much queso, junk food and wine. :)
We were ready to start fresh and strong with our New Year's Resolutions...tomorrow. :)

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