Wild West Times

During the winter break some of my family was able to come visit!  It is always fun to watch the cousins play and have a chance to catch up with my parents and sister.
 While I was at piano with the girls and the little girls went to bed, Max took RJ and Hank golfing.  Can't do that in January in Colorado. :)
 The kids always enjoying playing.  Lots of eating and mine crafting!
The adults did a little eating too.  Max served up his specialty when my grandpa and his brother came to visit. :)
Gandpu found some the stuff Max has "borrowed" over the years.  He didn't have to endure years of sons taking stuff out of his garage, but now he has son-in-laws that borrow for good.  LOL
 What visit would be complete without a dip in the pool and hot tub?

Max wrangled all the kids while I cooked.  He is such a good man!
 We are going to turn all our friends and family into rednecks sooner or later.  We took them out shooting.  Grammy and the kids rode in the back of the truck off road!  Wild woman!
Max let all the kids shoot and even Grammy and Grandpu took a few rounds.  But I think he and I are the ones that really enjoy it the most.  I especially love the shotgun.
 The kids got a little board and ended up having a dance party in the car with Kerrie and baby Loni.

 I think everyone had a blast off roading and I know we enjoyed having them for a visit!

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