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I typically like to celebrate any opportunity I can.  This Valentine's was a little hectic as we were having company coming in the morning.  I wasn't as prepared as prior years and Kaitlin wasn't about to let me off the hook.  She requested pink, heart pancakes like last year.  When I told her I was busy cleaning and getting ready, she replied, "you were much more into it last year."
 Well, I just can't stand to disappoint, so pink heart and chocolate chip pancakes it was. :)
 Luckily Max was willing to jump in as the breakfast chef for me!  He always makes sure his ladies smile.
 I did remember to get a few sweet treats for my Valentines.  They were very excited to open their Valentine's from Nana and Pops too.  Hank wondered how Nana knew he needed a dry eraser marker.  I still don't think he understands there were Valentine's from Mommy and Daddy and Nana and Pops.
 Even Siri had some sweet treats.
With this being my last baby, we had to go all out and do the play dough Valentine's.  Hank loved rolling out the play dough and making the hearts.  He worked so hard to write his name nicely for his classmates and wanted to save the nicest one for his teacher.  It hurts my heart that this will be the last Kindergarten Valentine's Day.  They are so pure and sweet at this age.
 As I was rushing about the house, I forgot to get a pic of Hailey before she left for school.  But I did get 3 of my 5 Valentines.  I love them all to the moon and back... 5 times!
 Max took Hailey while I took this trio for a special coco and doughnut treat on the way to school.
 Hank's class had a Valentine's Day Fashion show where the kids dressed up in their parent's clothes.
 Hank was thrilled to dress up as Daddy.
 Each of the kids wrote a book about their parents.  His teacher read an entry as each of them walked the catwalk.  Hank had some funny things to share.
 "My dad's name is Max.  He is 89 years old.  My mom's name is Katie and she's 86.  They met in college.  My mom's favorite color is purple and my dad lies the color black.  My mom and dad like to eat cookies (chocolate chip is their favorite).  They both like to teach me math.  They are happy when I clean my room.  They are mad when I break a glass.  I like to play Legos with my Mom and basketball with my Dad.  I love my mom and dad because the y are nice to me!"
 His teacher is so wonderful.  This is my 4th rodeo through Kindergarten and I can't say enough about her gift for teaching.  We are so blessed to have her introduce the love of learning to Hank.  She has connected with him when we couldn't.  She has a heart the size of Texas and we love her almost as much as Hank does.
 The classic Hank cake was a unanimous request.  Our guest seemed equally pleased as our kids to enjoy it!
 One of the best treats of the day was that my sister Chrysti and her family came to visit us for the long weekend.  The kids just love spending time with their cousins.  I had to laugh at the mine craft explosion.  Listening to them build and interact was funny.  Strange how kids today play.
 What is better than a giant slumber party and mush pot?  Siri found her way into the middle of it all.  She wasn't about to be left out of the pack.  I read the story of Cupid to the kids because in the morning Kaitlin had asked me about him and why he was naked.  So I thought I had better learn a little more about him.  The kids teach me so much each day.  But on this day I hope to teach them a little about love and how they own my heart.  Max and my love created little people that have filled my heart so full of love that I give all my heart to attempt to show them how dear they are to me.  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days!

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Courtney said...

I love Hank's class party and how he dressed like Max! So stinkin' cute! I'd like to keep them right around 6 years old forever! Miss you all!