Chinese New Year

While it was a last minute ditch effort, we managed to mark the Chinese new Year last night.  Hailey sent me a text from school begging for Chinese food since it was the Chinese New Year.  Of course I couldn't resist blowing it up to a mini celebration.
With Hank's peanut and egg allergies, eating at a Chinese restaurant is not something we are ready to venture into yet.  So we get take out and make Ramen and Chinese dumplings at home for him.  Add a little edamame and its almost like being at the restaurant.  :) La Choy fortune cookies are even egg free, unlike most others!  Everyone got to practice eating with chopsticks and enjoyed reading their fortunes.
I printed up this placemat so we could learn about our Chinese animal and then told the kids about what Chinese astrologers think the year of the horse will hold.  Should you want to see what is in store, you can read here.

We read the animals' traits and tried to guess what animal we would be.  Kaitlin and Karlie guessed there's!
The Year of the Horse:  Independent, Good Leader, Optimistic, Financial
The Year of the Goat: Imaginative, Charming, Strong, Kind
The Year of the Monkey: Mischievous, Good Memory, Performer, Clever
The Year of the Roster: Gives Advice, Takes Charge, Noticeable, Lucky
The Year of the Dog: Serves Others, Truth Seeker, Respected, Faithful
The Year of the Boar: Thoughtful, Diligent, Polite, Brave
The Year of the Rat: Finds A Way, Emotional, Sensitive, Caring
The Year of the Ox: Loves Family, Works Hard, Powerful, Positive
The Year of the Tiger: Energetic, Organized, Generous, Daring
The Year of the Rabbit: Loves Beauty, Creative, Elegant, Dreamy
They Year of the Dragon: Confident, Idealistic, Visionary, Peaceful

Max, Hailey and I are the year of the Snake.
Karlie is the year of the Monkey.
Kaitlin is the year of the Dog.
Hank is the year of the Rat.

The year is certainly galloping away from me!  How can we already be into February?  Lots to love about what's ahead in this month.

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