Soul Sisters Part II

 As luck would have it, the weekend Patti, Marley and Lucy were in town, the Parada del Sol was going on.  It is the world's largest horse drawn parade. 
 Arizona likes their horses!
 They kicked off the parade with a cattle drive. :)
 Along with all the gorgeous horses, Scottsdale schools, Girl Scouts, charity groups and rodeo queens were featured.
 A few cars with its horse power under the hood rolled by.  Even General Lee made an appearance.
 Hank has the most amazing teacher.  She was honored for her excellence for gaining her national certification.  They think she is the youngest teacher in the district to earn her national credentials.  She was so excited to see Hank cheering her on!  We love her to death.
Right along the parade route is one of Scottsdale's icons, the Sugar Bowl.  It's 1950s diner feel and sweet menu makes for smiles all around. 
It was just what we needed to start a weekend of fun!
 Of course there was much hot tubing.  The girls were a little disappointed that the pool was only 58 degrees.
 One afternoon we tie dyed shirts.  I got the girls matching leggings and socks for a a PJ set.  No pink pants for Hank but he did have a shirt.
 The girls put on a play about two princesses and two servant girls.  I am sure you can guess who was cast as the princesses and who was the servants.  Karlie is quite the director and Marley is quite the actress.
 Can't have a visit without cake!
 These two wanted to frost it.  I think they got as much frosting on themselves as on the cake.
 Hank was such a sweet boy.  He did are really good job handling being the odd man out... literally.
 But the ladies were also really good about including him as much as possible.  The manicure and pedicure portion was a little rough, but he pulled through. With all these girls around all the time, he sure is going to know how to treat a lady.
One night we went out to a classic wild west steak house.  The saloon had live country music, live rattle snakes, and claims to have the world's largest necktie collection.  No ties allowed means they have cut off over 2 million ties and hung them from the ceiling.
It was so wonderful to see these two back together.   They are already planning on where they will go to college together. :)  We loved having Marley, Lucy and Patti visit us.  We can't wait to see them again this summer!

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