Soul Sisters Part One

 Earlier this month Karlie's best friend came to visit her!  Karlie and Marley met on back to school night of their Kindergarten year.  The stars aligned and these two soul sisters were united.  They are the perfect compliment to each other. Where one is daring, the other is cautious.  Where one is shy, the other encourages her to be outgoing.  They are so happy together.  Since we moved each of them have struggled to find a friend that is as true as each other.  Without knowing it, they had virtually the same outfits.
When we moved at the end of Karlie's first grade year, I figured in time their friendship would wane.  I mean, they were only 7 and distance has a way of weakening adult friendships that had been built for years.  But Karlie and Marley have a unique bond.  They have only seen each other once in nearly 3 years but they were instantly on the same page.  They text and often I will find Karlie doing her homework while Face Timing Marley.  They sit in silence each doing their work but just wanting to be in each other's presence.  They have the type of friendship that is comforting and without trying they make each other very happy.
Marley's little sister Lucy is also a dear friend to Kaitlin.  They had a blast being buddies for the weekend!
 The first day we went to the Musical Instrument Museum.  It is a wonderful museum and honestly something I would expect to see in much bigger cities like San Francisco or New York.  You could spend the entire day listening to music from around the world.  I highly recommend it if you are ever visiting Scottsdale.
 They have numerous stations throughout where you can try the instruments too.  Karlie busted out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which got the attention of the volunteer.   He was probably happy to hear someone play rather than screech.
 The kids loved this!
 It was really loud, especially while the school group was in there.
 The song Happy Together comes to mind. :)
So happy together 
So happy together 
How is the weather 
So happy together 
We're happy together 
So happy together 
Happy together 
So happy together 
So happy together
 The green piano created by Dale Chihuly was Karlie's favorite piece. :)
 Hank and Hailey went to school but I let the K buddies play hookie to hang out with their buddies.  We had such a nice girls day out at the museum.
The day could only get sweeter with a little ice cream treat for our sweeties.
Lots of giggles and joy filled the house.  Next up was a day seeing Scottsdale and the crazy wild west desert.

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