Spartan Stud

On February 9th, Max raced in the Arizona Spartan Sprint Race.  We were going to do it together but a sinus infection and cold left me on the sidelines as the photographer.  I have to say I wasn't overly disappointed at not being able to race.  :)  It was very cool to watch Max be able to go full throttle instead of holding back to race with me.  He killed it!
The race was 4.2 miles in the McDowell Mountains with 20 obstacles.  If you are unable to complete an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees.
 I was able to about half of the obstacles.
 I made friends with some people in the stands and since I couldn't yell, the man cheered on Max for me!  After the race, Max was wondering who was yelling his name.
 The spear throw near the end of the race was the only obstacle Max didn't complete.  The spears are weighted strangely and have a hard time sticking in the bale.  His aim was true, but it just didn't stick.
 A second barbwire crawl toward the finish.
 He jumped off the end into a mud pool.  Yuck!  I was really liking my sinus infection at this point!
 Max said this obstacle was one of the hardest because it was a mental challenge.  After running 4 miles you are exhausted and gasping for breath, the last thing your body wants to do is hold its breath while you go under a wall in muddy water.
 He did it!
Now he had to climb a wet, muddy wall.  There were more than a few major wipe outs.

 But Max scaled it like nothing.
Over the flames to the finish line!!!
 Stud is pretty much the only word that comes to my mind...
Max has been lifting weights but has not done cardio since he was sick with Valley Fever.  So after no running training he complete the course in 1 hour and 3 minutes.  He took 85th out of 3373 racers, 11th in his age group out of 315.  He was in the top 3% of racers!  Can you imagine if he actually worked on his running?   I am so proud of my Spartan!  Way to go Max!

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Courtney said...

That is so awesome, Max! And Katie, you would have killed it too ;) Let's do it together next time!