A Grand Celebration For A Grand Lady

 Last weekend we hosted Gigi's 95.5 birthday celebration.  We were slated to do it in October, but family injuries necessitated that we hold off for a few months.  March is a lovely time here, so why wait until 96!?
 One of the best parts of celebrating is getting to connect with family.  Max's brother Sam made it, which allowed the boys to do a little beer tasting and bike riding.  They figure they haven't been all biking together in 5 years, so it was a real treat.
Max's cousins April and Amber live just two hours away from us.  They were able to bring their families for the celebration, which allowed the second cousins to meet.  Kaitlin couldn't wait for Brooklyn to get here!
Karlie and Ashley were off playing so much I didn't even get a picture of them.
Hailey and Alexa are the same age and hung out like tweens do.  Sit next to each other and text.  LOL!
They have some strong family genetics.  We could't get over how much Karlie and Brooklyn resemble each other.  They are the little fairy girls.
Gigi is just an amazing woman.  She was out playing soccer with kids.  I don't know of any 90 year olds that are keeping up with the GREAT grandkids!
 My other favorite part of celebrating is the food!
 We had a feast worthy of the lady we were celebrating... Grand!
 I am disappointed to say I ran out of time to make a cake.  But the prior week was half days and teacher appreciation week at the kids' school.  Something has got to give, so the cake it was.
Everyone was quite excited to see Gigi blow out 95 candles!
 Gigi counted it out for the kids. :)
 It was a team effort to get them all lit fast enough.
 Make a wish!  I wish to do it again at 100!
Might have taken more than one puff, but we were all holding our breath.
 And she puffed...
 And blew all 95 candles out!!!
 Gigi gave a lovely speech before opening her gifts.  After listening to a brief history of all she has endured, it is clear why she is a part of the Greatest Generation.  I would have called them the strongest generation.
 The grace with which she has persevered is admirable.  The steel determination she has to raise three children after losing her mother, her father, her grandmother and then to weather the depression, the wars and be a single mother is just an example of her strength and courage.
 Because of her resolve she has passed on the American Dream to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.   She has a led a life that has taught us much and inspired me.
 Another thing Gigi has passed down is poker!  It wouldn't be a celebration with Gigi if poker isn't involved.  This is where Gigi smoked me.  I was giving it my all to just keep up with this lady.  As the hours rolled on, she kept on playing.  I was determined to not turn in before a 95.5 year old lady!! We made it until midnight!  I can't tell you how amazing she is.  When I offered she take a nap one day, she replied, "naps are for babies!"  Not a single nod off in the chair, out playing soccer, helping with the dishes, playing poker until the wee hours. 
  Grand is pretty much the only world that comes to mind.
Thank you to everyone that was able to make it.  It gives Max and I such joy to host family and to celebrate.  Put Gigi's 100th on your calendar, because I have no doubt we will be partying with this wonderful woman.

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Courtney said...

I love this so much!!! GiGi is so amazing and I agree, that generation is fierce. I love love those pictures of her with the candles, blowing, and then holding her hair back! What a lady.