Desert Dudes

Growing up Max, his brother, and his Dad would meet Max's uncles in Galway Dry Lake to do the thing dudes do.  They blow stuff up, ride motorcycles, camp, and have a good old time.

I wouldn't let Hank go last year.  He was just too little.  But Max and Hank worked on me for a year, and ultimately I gave in.
 Just as there is something special about a mother and daughter bond, there is something wonderful and special about a father and son bond.  This trip was all about Just Me And My Dad for Hank.  He couldn't wait to go!
So my little man headed out to be indoctrinated into the world of men and what dudes do in the desert.
 Their camp is very primitive with no running water or toilets.  But Max was sure to spruce up the place with the American flag and our pirate flag.  Only the essentials.  LOL
 Four grown men riding dirt bikes, shooting guns, starting camp fires, and never having to take a shower.  Hank had the time of his life!!
 Special time with Pops.
 Only the healthiest cuisine of hot dogs, Spaghetti O's, S'mores, Cheetos's and Fruit Loops.  Why would Hank ever want to leave?!
 While Hank blew up some stuff, his real love was the dune buggy.
Uncle Dave brought Louie's dune buggy.  I have a feeling I will be seeing one of these in our garage...
According to Max this was all Hank wanted to do!
He even got to drive!
Hank was exhausted and barely able to keep his eyes open at night, yet he begged Max to read him the story Just Me And My Dad.  This boy sure loves his daddy.
I was so relieved when the boys got home and the worst injury Hank had was a little sunburn. :)
 Both of the boys had such a grand time.  I am grateful they had this special time together and that Max has an opportunity to hang out with his family and do dude stuff. :)

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Dave said...

Great trip, looking forward to the next one! Great young man you two have there. U Dave