Everything Is Awesome!

With all the fun visits, parties, and celebrations, I realized I forgot to post about when my sister Chrysti and her family came to visit us over Valentine's Day weekend.

Keeping Max and Titus out of the pool was impossible.  Titus LOVES to swim!  The kids spent many hours in the pool, which was great for the adults to sit pool side with a frosty drink and soak in the warm sun.
 Max to the boys out shooting and 4 wheeling.  We have officially retired the black bus from off road duty as it sustained some significant injuries on our last outing.  Max likes to inform me that it was driver error.  I think I just need a better equipped vehicle, like a Jeep.
 They had a blast!  Literally!
 It is a victory when all the kids were passed out at 8:00 pm.  I think we played hard.
 Another must do for the boys was to see the Lego Movie.
 It was awesome!  Really, everything is awesome!
 We had so much fun, the visit went too fast.  The boys walked the kids to the bus stop on Tuesday before they took off back to Colorado. 
It was such a wonderful, awesome time for the cousins and the adults.  We just love partying with the B's!

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