Great Weekend With Grandparents

 The kids' spring break started with Gigi's celebration and having Nana and Pops here and then it ended with Grammy and Grandpu coming for the weekend.
They just love spending time with their grandparents.  We went to lunch and they played a serious game of Sorry.  Team Hank and Grampu were victorious!

 Max and I were lucky enough to go on a date to a spring training game.  It was battle of the birthplaces as we watched the LA Angels and Colorado Rockies battle it out.  They tied!
But lets, be honest.  The best part of the game is a cold beer and a hot dog!  We tired their Sonoran Dogs.  Pretty much the best hot dog ever.  We had such a wonderful time and are so grateful Grammy and Gandpu watched the kids and chauffeured us.  Grammy took Karlie and Kaitlin shopping while Hailey and Hank hung with Gramps by the pool.  It was a home run day for all of us.
That night one of the strangest things happened.  My cousin Derek, who lives in California, happened to be in town for a bachelor party.  He called up Snork to see if they could swing by.  Of course they could!  We couldn't wait to see Derek.  I imagined he and one or two guys would come over.  I didn't imagine a group of bachelors would want to come to a house with 4 kids and grandparents, but to my surprise 9 men showed up in two taxis.  Luckily we had stocked up on beer and food.  They were all very sweet and polite, but I just kept thinking it was strange to have 9 men in the house who are in Phoenix to have a good time.  While our house is a lot of fun, it is not your typical post spring training, bachelor party destination.  It's not every day you see grown men in a tree house, sliding down slides and riding scooters.  How they were convinced to come to our house, I will never know.  None the less, it made for a party and Max and I are always down for some fun!  It was 30 pack of Tecate kind of night and it was really great to see Derek.  The kids thought he was the coolest cousin! We all had really fun and nice weekend together.

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