Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Birthday Max!
 You work hard and give  your best to the people in your life, especially your family.  You always put others before yourself and strive to be the best.  As a result we are blessed to share life with you and so proud of all you achieve.  I am the luckiest girl ever that you would chose me and be such a loving and wonderful husband and father to our kids.
 I know the kids appreciate the love you shower them with.  They were thrilled to each pick out a gift  they thought you would like and then send you on a present hunt throughout the house.  It started with Wii a game from Karlie with a clue where to find a new hat from Hailey.
 Hailey's hat sent Max into the garage to find new dirt bike goggles from Kaitlin.
 Kaitlin's clue led him to Hank's present of new head lamps for the big camping trip.
Hank drew this card of a tent and Max's truck with two sleeping bags in it.  I guess he thinks he is going on Daddy's camping trip to the desert.  :)
 Then the final clue was to his new speaker system!
 We had a wild rumpus of jumping on the couch and dancing to Beastie Boys.
 This year Max requested Nana's Mexican food for dinner and a  lemon cream pie for dessert.  Gasp!!!  No cake?!  No berry pie?!  I don't know if this is the beginning of a midlife crisis or what.
But it sure was a sweet way to start 37.  I don't know how but he just gets better with age.  Love you baby.

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