How Karlie Spent Her 10th Birthday!

Karlie is lucky she was born on St. Patrick's Day.  There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and everyone is in the mood for a little parting!
Her meals are always festive.  For breakfast she wanted a circle cake, which is a fried egg in the middle of a pancake.  Only green would do.  She loves the strawberry creations Max makes for her, so she requested one and he came up with a shamrock.  The other kids indulged in Shamrock Lucky Charms.
 There will be no pinching in our house.  Everyone was dressed in green.  Even underpants!  Hank told me he wore his Green Lantern superhero underwear. :)
 I was a naughty leprechaun and sprung the three little ones out of school to go to Fountain Hills and watch he 100 foot fountain turn emerald green!  Karlie likes to think they turn it green just for her.  On our way back to school we picked up a Shamrock shake from McDonald's.  
 Hailey is a very responsible girl and didn't want to miss an important class, so she opted out of playing hookie for lunch.  She must take after her father.
 It was opening day for Hank's little league, so we all went to watch him get introduced out on the field.  Max is coaching this year.  Go Angels!
When we got home it was time to get our Irish jig on and have Corned Beef and Cabbage, red mashed potatoes, and of course Guinness for mom and dad.  The kids also had some green mac-n-cheese.
One of Karlie's favorite gifts was a label maker.  She labeled everything in the house, including us. Always the life of the party. :)
We still had plenty of cake from her party over the weekend, which I will post about next.  
Here is wishing all your dreams come true and that luck remains with you.
Love you Karks!

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