Millionaires Club

This week Karlie earned an award in the Millionaires Club at school.  Three months ago she earned her first million words read and on Monday she completed 2 million words read this year!!  Hailey made the million mark in her 5th grade year, so our determined Karlie had to beat that score.  She became a 2 millionaire in 4th grade!  Karlie and her best friend are in a competition to see who can read more words this year.  I am not sure they can reach 3 million by the end of the year, but don't count Karlie out.
We really stress the importance of reading and as a result we are rich with readers.  Some nights we have to make Karlie stop reading.  I will catch her with her reading lamp on reading way past bedtime.  :) I can't wait to see how many millions this girl earns next year!

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