Yesterday Hailey got her braces off!!  
Here she is 23 months ago to the day, with the same shirt and by the same tree.  Quite a transformation!
 We celebrated with a bubble gum bubble blowing contest with gum that has sugar in it!
 Hailey killed me and was the champion.
 For dinner we ate foods that are braces worst enemy.  Corn on the the cob, bratwurst, and carmel dipped apples for dessert.
Hailey is still getting use to her "slimy teeth" and Max and I are still trying to get use to our stunning gal!
Max thinks it is time to install a gun rack in the entry way, while I am checking tuition at an all girls school.  Hailey is a real beauty from the inside out!


Courtney said...

I agree, gorgeous girl in and out!

Lacey said...

Pretty girl with a gorgeous smile! I can't believe how much older she looks!!! :) I think Max is right with that gun thing. ;0)