Glamorous Girls

While the dudes were getting dirty, the girls where getting glamorous!
 Friday night we went out to Sushi.  Usually we get it to go, so this was a special treat.  The girls thought it was pretty fun and we tried some new rolls.
 After Hailey's horse lesson on Saturday morning we grabbed their favorite bagels from Chompies.
 Then it was time for the Oasis spa day.  We did facial masks and hair masks, leaving our hair silky and our faces soft and smooth.
 That afternoon I took the girls for a special treat pedicure.  They loved the message chairs. :)
 Kaitlin was quite ticklish.
 Pretty from our head to our toes!
 Hailey left to a sleep over so the K buddies and I hit our favorite Mexican restaurant and did a little retail therapy at Target.  Karlie had some gift card money to spend from her birthday.  She is a shopping force to be reckoned with.
We shopped until Kaitlin and I were ready to drop!  We didn't get home until bedtime!
Two little ladies in my bed.  I was thinking how happy I was that I was not sleeping in the dirt like the boys. :)
What girls weekend would be complete without a chick flick and a tea party?  We spent Sunday relaxing and snuggling.  It was really great to spend some girly time with my ladies.  I love having a gaggle of girls!

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