Happy 6th Brithday Hank!

Happy 6th Birthday Hank!
I always get emotional on your birthday.  I think back to how scared we were about losing you then and how much I loved you.  But with each birthday I love you more and am so grateful you are here and a part of our lives.  You have a kind heart, are fun loving, a bit rowdy, full of energy, and love all sports.  If there is a ball you are throwing it or bouncing it.  You give the best bear hugs and love to be Daddy's little helper.  You have a way of making people laugh and everybody wants to be around you.  So much so that we tease you are a frat boy in the making. :)  When I think of you, joy comes to my mind.  You fill me with joy and my heart overflows with happiness that you are the final letter of MKHKKH!  I love you Hank!

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