How Hank Spent His 6th Birthday

Hank was lucky this year and the kids had off school for Good Friday, which meant he got his birthday off.  Since Nana and Pops were visiting for the long weekend, Max took the day off of  work too.  Such a lucky boy!
 He did have to go to the dentist though and has one small cavity.  But that didn't stop him from smiling.
 He wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast and shaped Mac-n-cheese for lunch.
 Hank requested we go for a family bike ride.  It was a gorgeous day and a really nice ride!
 For dinner Hank wanted breakfast.  So pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs it was.  He had a chocolate chip pancake with whip cream!  More like dessert for dinner. :)
We had so many cupcakes left over from his party, he was kind enough to choose cupcakes for his birthday cake.
His present from us was an RC truck.  (Hmmm, I am not sure if Max had anything to do with this idea??)
 The girls wrote some really nice cards for him.  I think Hailey is destined for Hallmark as a card and art designer.  Here is what she wrote:
Batman, Legos, and Dune Buggies,
These things are what excite you,
But do you wanna know a secret?
Seeing you happy excites me too!

Rowdy, Dirty,
Everything a little boy is,
You are slow friendly and funny,
and we love you for it!

You are 6 years old,
What a sight!
Now that you are 6 years old, you need be told
Your future is BRIGHT!!

Great Grandpa came for the celebration too!  Hank loves Great Gramps.
I think one thing was clear on Hank's 6th birthday.  He is surrounded by people who love him!

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