Kaitlin's Colorful Rainbow Birthday Party

For her 8th birthday party, Kaitlin wanted to have a rainbow theme.  We decided it would be fun to tie dye shirts.
Rainbows were everywhere.
 Hank even sported the rainbow Mohawk he won at school.
 Kaitlin's rainbow cake has to be one of my favorite cakes of all time.  It was so easy and looked so pretty!
Decorating for it was pretty fun too.
 The rainbow party table was full of rainbow treats.
 We made eggless rainbow cupcakes for Hank and for anyone that prefers chocolate over vanilla cake.  They turned out so great and were also so easy!
 Rainbow lollipops and rainbow Gatorade.
 Rainbow cookies to snack on.
 Rainbow goldfish too.
 A rainbow of fruit treats.  These were a big hit with the kids.
Our first game was find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The kids ran all over the back yard until they found the black pot full of rainbows and gold.
 We filled it with these little bags of rainbow Twizzlers and chocolate gold coins.  The person that found the pot of gold also got a real golden dollar!
Then we split the kids into two groups.  One group got their face painted by Hailey and her buddy Jess.

 Then they moved to the rainbow bracelet making station.
 The other group was making the mess tie dye shirts!
 It was quite the challenge to keep permanent dye off of a bunch of kids all squirting the bottles of dye everywhere.
After each group rotated through the stations, it was time for the famous Piñata!
 The kids all love this part of the party.  We stuffed the piñata with rainbow candies like skittles, starburst, jolly ranchers, and ring pops.  Even after the candy was out, the kids wanted to keep swinging at the Piñata.
 The final game was pin the cloud on the rainbow.  They are getting a little big for this game and were able to feel their way to the right spot, which made it impossible to determine a winner.  But Kaitlin still wanted to play this one. :)
 Time for rainbow cake!
 She is like a beautiful rainbow!
 This is what drives me to make their birthday as magical as possible.
Princess for a day. :)
Did I mention how much I love this cake!?
 It is prettier in pieces than whole.  I can't say that for any of my other cakes.
We had a pretty colorful and happy day.
 The kids went home with colored pencils, rainbow bracelets, bubble wands, and their rainbow candies.
 After washing and drying the shirts the next day, Kaitlin packaged their thank you cards with them.
We had a color filled, fun party for our girl that is like the gold at the end of the rainbow in our hearts!
Happy Birthday sweet Kaitlin!

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Courtney said...

awesome party! I love the tie die shirts and wrapping them up with a thank you note. :) Happy Birthday Kaitlin!