Laps For Learning

 At the beginning of the month the kids' school held a fundraiser to help fund their specials education.  With the continued cuts to education, the schools are forced to try to raise money to preserve special programs and the PTO pays for 6 aide positions at the school.
This year they had a fun run where the kids got sponsors for laps that they ran.  I was there all day to mark the kids' shirt for each lap they completed and encourage them.
 The kids were motivate by the prizes they could earn for sponsorships.
 The teachers volunteered to dress up as cactus, get pies in their faces, wear tuxedos to school, and just about any other way they could motivate the kids to reach more sponsorships.
 It was a really fun and family orientated fundraiser that helped the school and encouraged the kids to be fit.  The kids had a blast running for learning.
 Each of our kids ran 2 miles and helped raise almost $700!
 I told them I would buy them a shaved ice cone if they completed the 2 miles. 
 Nothing like bribery!
 Parents, teachers and kids all enjoyed the day.
 Hank's teacher dressed up as a superhero.

 Kaitlin's teacher rooted her on.
 That night they had a BBQ and silent auction to celebrate and try to earn a little more.  While it was a successful fundraiser and will help them keep some programs, the school is still forced to cut PE, art and music in half next year.  If we want to continue to be the leaders of the world, we are going to have to start investing in our kids and their education.

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