Neon (Crash) Dash

 Over the Easter weekend while Pops and Nana were visiting us we ran the Neon Dash!
It is a 3.2 mile fun run in the dark where you are sprayed with neon liquid and powder.  MKHKKH had signed up to do the race before we found out Pops and Nana were going to be visiting, so we convinced them to join us!
 If they didn't think we were crazy before, now they have no doubts!
It reminded me of what concerts in the 60s might have been like if you were on drugs.  Lots of loud music and people dressed in tutus and neon painted faces.  No LSD needed.  LOL
 Nana had hurt her foot the week before they came and she needed to wear a boot and rest it.  I wasn't about to leave Nana behind.  Sometimes I should just let it be.   Instead, we rented a wheelchair.  A transport wheelchair that was by no means meant for running.  But Max was determined to run the race...
 I thought it would be great because I knew that Hank would be exhausted running that far and so late at night, so Nana's ride could double as the stroller.  Sure enough about half way through, Hank climbed up on Nana's lap and Max took off.  They were having a blast giggling as Max swerved and passed all the walkers.  We were all trying to keep up with the crazy man pushing Granny and son!  That's when I see Max go flying over the wheelchair with his feet high in the sky.  Hank's cries pierced above the loud music playing and water bottles went flying!  I couldn't even see Nana under all the wreckage!  I was imaging Hank got all of his teeth knocked out, that Nana broken bones and Max would have rearranged his face on the concrete.
 However, after assessing the damage, Nana was the most hurt with a nasty skinner on her knee and wrist.  She went into protective Grandma mode and curled Hank in a ball as she was pitched out of the wheelchair.  Hank didn't have a single scratch on him, he was just shaken up.  Max suffered a bruised rib but no asphalt burns.  I still can't believe there were no broken bones or busted teeth after seeing the crash.  Nana is the hero!  So much for trying to keep her injury free in the wheelchair!  I guess we will have to rename it the Neon Crash Dash!
Nana is a good sport and wheeled it off.  She trusted Max to push her WALKING the rest of the way.   However, it took much convincing to get Hank back on her lap.  :) We continued to get covered in neon and enjoy the rest of the dash.  Thanks for taking a wild risk with us Nana and Pops!  I hope your knee is better and you don't think we are totally reckless and crazy.  I promise not to force you into anymore weird races. :)

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Courtney said...

What a story! Poor Nana! What a good sport she was. So glad no one hurt worse!