Zoo Trip

At the beginning of the month Hank's class took a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo.  This is the classic Kindergarten field trip and each of the kids have gotten to go on with their class.  However, I have only been able to chaperone Kaitlin and Hank's.
 This was going to be the last one.  Sniff, sniff.
 The animals were the most active we have seen thus far and almost seemed to be performing, as though to say goodbye.  The tiger roared at us!
 The zebras came for a close inspection.
 The monkeys playfully jumped over us.
 And the orangutan must have decided to put on his best show for the Kindergarten class because as soon as we showed up, he started picking his nose and eating it.  You should have heard the class erupt with laughter and "Eeewwwww,  Gross!!!"
So many parents were able to chaperon that only 4 kids in his entire class didn't have a parent.  So we had only one boy with us.   We had a wild time running all over the zoo with my monkey and his buddy.  I want Hank to stay this age forever.  Five year old boys love their mamas just about as much as their mamas love them! :)

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