Go Getter

 Karlie is a go getter!  If there is a club, she wants in it.  If there is extra credit, she does it.  If there is a more challenging class she can be in, she wants in.  If there is a group, she is leading it.
  Karlie really wanted to be teacher for the day.  Her school has a fundraiser each year and you can bid on being teacher for a day at the silent auction.  Luckily for Karlie the bid didn't get too high and she won it!  But she wasn't content just showing up for work.  She spent the weekend creating a lesson plan and all the activities she would have her classmates do. :)  Karlie also does math olympiad.  The kids had to design a math board game.  She begged to bring it home so she could work on it to make it better.  She spent hours creating her game so it could be the best.
 This year Karlie participated in the school robotics team where she learned to code.  During robotics they built their robots and had challenges that required the kids to program the robots to perform the specific activities.  For their final meeting they competed to see who could program the robot the fastest.  She LOVED it!  This week she was selected for the competition team next year!  Over the summer she is planning on creating a multiplication App for the App store with her new coding skills.  It is a little awkward when your 4th grader is smarter than you in an area.  I wouldn't have a clue how to code, much less build an App.  I have a feeling with her it won't be long until she is smarter than me several areas!
The school strings concert was last week and our go getter was the only one to have a solo.  She is fearless and determined!
To finish her year with a bang, she tried out for the media club.  Each classroom is equipped with a TV and the 5th grade media club mans the camera, does the weather, and has anchors deliver the morning announcements.  Karlie was thrilled to find out she made it into the media club!  As the 5th graders transitioned the positions to current 4th graders, they have gotten to try out the various roles.  This is Karlie as an anchor.  She led the pledge of allegiance, reported the cafeteria menu for the day and did birthday announcements!  
I must say she has a very confident and clear voice.  Who knows, maybe news anchor is in her future.  The only thing I do know is with her her determination, Sparkle's future is bright!  Go Get'em Girl!

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