Hank's Lego Movie Birthday Party

For Hank's 6th birthday party we had The Lego Movie as the theme.  Max made the invitation.  He is so awesome!! We are old school and still send them in the regular old mail.  I got so many replies with how excited the kids were to get something in the mail.  I know I don't ever show my kids evites to the parties they are invited to, I just tell them they have a friend's party to go to.  One boy brought his along like a ticket. :)
As usual we had fun decorating.  Max drew faces from The Lego Movie on the cups.
 Kaitlin helped me make marshmallow chocolate covered Lego people pops.  For snacks we had popcorn, oranges and gold fish.
 The goodie bags were made to look like Lego bricks and had a small Lego Batman car kit, bouncy balloons, bubbles, pencils and it held their piñata candy.
 As the kids arrived we had a Lego building station where they could just play legos.
This is where they kept ending up during the party.  Legos with no directions are awesome!
 The first game was to estimate how many Legos in the jar.
 Then we had an obstacle course with SIX stations.  After they completed each station, they collected a Lego piece.  They had to build the tower to complete the course.
The boys loved popping all the balloons on the tramp as they tried to find their Lego piece.
 Next was fishing their Lego out of the water with their feet.
Here are the towers together.  They all completed the course and proved they were Master builders.
 The next game was find the Cragle (super glue).  Karlie hid the crackle in the hay bale before the party started.
Whoever found it was the special for the party.
Can't have a party at our house without pin the cragle lid on Emmet.
Always a crowd pleaser.
Similarly, the piñata is a key game.
Everyone gets a treat!
Hank's Lego cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting covered with over a 100 chocolate Legos.
I found a Lego candy mold on Amazon and started making the chocolate Legos a few days ahead of the party.
I still get excited to try new things.  This one was time intensive but really fun!  The kids loved eating Legos and playing with their food.
This was our first birthday party that had more boys than girls.  Boys are rowdy and wild!  It was great to see Hank with all his best buddies.
A pretty Awesome party for a special guy!

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