Kaitlin's Author's Tea

The end of the school year brings many ceremonies and activities at the school.  The second grade class had an Author's Tea.  Each child complied a notebook with writings about their family and themselves.  Then family members could come and read over the books while snacking on tea and cookies.
I think Kaitlin is emulating Hailey's art here. :)
Kind to people
Acottofbilale (accountable)
Incredobole (incredible) at reading
Terrific at tennis
Loves family
Is a good sister
I couldn't agree more!
I love her entry to Dad and that she says, "You are such a great fixer.  You can fix anything."
The sweetest part was a hardbound book she made titled When I grow old with you Hailey.
She illustrated and drew stories about growing up with Hailey.  They draw, they ride purple bikes, they play games, and they go to the beach.  Her last page is so fun.
When I grow old with you Hailey, we will go to the beach in the summer.  We will go to the beach and surf on a surfboard.  We will go to the beach in Mexico.  We will get a tan and have toecks.  I was momentarily panicked and thought she meant Tecates.  But no, it was tacos!  :)
Reading through her binder, it is easy to see that Kaitlin has such a big heart and kind soul.  She is always there to lend someone a helping hand.  She is very responsible and organized.  Her teacher has told me many times she can always count on Kaitlin to know the plan for the day and where something might be that is missing.  Seeing her writings makes me so proud of her.  When I think back to her speech delay and Mama was her only word, I can't believe she is almost done with second grade and has blossomed so much in her language abilities.

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