Party Like Its May

May has sprung and we welcomed it with a weekend full of celebration!

 My sister Mel, her husband Colin, and their daughter Corrin came to visit us for the first weekend in May.  Corrin came with me on Friday to pick up the little kids from school.  I couldn't help but treat them all to a kids Frappuccino while Starbucks was having happy hour. 
 They were here for our first triple digit temperature of the year!  Unfortunately, the first of many to come.
There is really only one thing to do when it is 100 degrees outside.  Slip-N-Slide and swim!
It has been a while since we had a Slip-N-Slide.  Even Hailey got in on it!
 We spent lots of time in the pool and playing cornhole.  Corrin got a dose of crazy kids in the pool.
 There are so many fun things to celebrate in May.  Of course we had our own version of a Derby Party.  Margaritas instead of Mint Juleps, bathing suits instead of business suits, and sun hats instead of Derby hats!  But I would argue we had just as much fun!
 Per Oasis standard, there were periods of over eating.  Max's ribs made an appearance along with many other opportunities to indulge.  Desserts were the kids' choice.  May means summer in Scottsdale, and nothing quite taste like summer but S'mores.
Sunday was May the Fourth, an important day for all Star Wars fans.  Max wore his Chewbacca shirt and blared Star Wars movies throughout the day.  :)  We had been watching our mama Quail and her nest all weekend.  To our surprise all of her little chicks hatched on May the Fourth!  With Siri already taking down two babies, the Force will need to be with these little ones. :(  They are so cute!  I hope they make it.
Thank you for coming and visiting us!  We had so much fun (maybe a little too much)!


Courtney said...

Hostess with the Mostess my friends! Always a grand time at the Oasis :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT TRIP! We loved spending time with you all!!! Love - the Haggertys