Proud To Be Americans

Ever since we started attending the kids' school three years ago, I always noticed how dilapidated their flags were. The flags are the first thing you see as you park and head toward the entrance.
  As the sun continued to beat down on them and the wind whipped them each school day, they became more and more deteriorated.
 As I picked up the kids every afternoon, it began to gnaw at me.  Recently, the flags had become so worn that a hole was visible in the Arizona flag.  I kept thinking any day now they will have to replace them.  The tattered flags made the school look run down and left you with a deflated sense of country and state.  They were old, worn, and wilted.
 I finally decided to ask if we could donate new flags to the school.  The principal was thrilled!  Apparently it was on her summer to do list to find money in a scarce budget for new flags.  I ordered them and delivered them with a little note saying that we were proud to be Americans, happy to now call Arizona our home state, and excited to be a part of the school's excellent achievement.  (They were recently awarded A+ School of Excellence by the Arizona Education Foundation.)
 The next day the same tattered flags were flown.  Hmm?  Then again the second day I came to school and still the old flags.  I wondered if there was some sort of bureaucratic rule barring a flag donation?  That day Karlie came home with a thank you note and reported that the principal did not want to fly the flags until we could be the first ones to raise them. :)
 The daily flag raising duty is rotated through the 5th grade class.  They are instructed on proper flag etiquette and raise and lower the flags each day.  It was quite a big deal for a kindergarten, second and fourth grader to raise the flags. :)
 The principal instructed the kids and explained the symbols of the flags as they learned to respectfully raise them.
 She then asked if Hank would be in Cub Scouts next year and if he would like to keep the old flags to properly dispose of them through the Cub Scout ceremony.  He eagerly accepted!
As I pick the kids up each day and see the bright, new flags flying high I feel my patriotism flowing.  I am so proud to live in America and all the freedoms my family enjoys.  We have grown to love our community and our school and were honored to get to donate such an important symbol to the school.

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Well Done.