Sweet Summertime!!!!

 This morning I packed lunches for the last time for the 2013-2014 school year!
 Some sure signs of summer!
As the year goes by I know the kids are growing and changing but when I look at their first day of school to their last day, it is really apparent just how much!
Hailey had braces and was still more a girl than a lady.
Nothing little girl about her now.
 Karlie had a major growth spurt this year!
And ended up with braces.  It has changed the shape of her face already.
Kaitlin grew so much emotionally.  Last year she use to cry often at school because she missed me.
Not a single tear this year!  It might help that she adores her teacher and would move in with her if she would let her. :)
Hank the Tank lost any remnant of toddler hood this year.
He is sports crazed and we affectionately call him frat boy for his antics that are always making us laugh.
 Such a great gang!  I think I am more excited about summer than they are.  The girls are all a little sad, even teary about the year being over.  Meanwhile they had to tolerate me blaring Roar and We Are The Champions during breakfast.  I am sure they are thinking its going to be a LONG summer with crazy mom.  But I am like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I get to play with my presents for 10 Weeks!  Whoot-Whoot!!
Hair gets lighter, Skin gets darker, Music gets louder, Nights get longer, Life gets better. This Summer. 
Here is a little Roar to get you in the mood for sweet summertime!!

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