Amelia Island

 We might have created monsters. It seems our children are inheriting or learning (depends on your take of nature vs nurture) our vacation attention deficit disorder.  I was worried the trip would go down hill after such an amazing time at Destin, but by the end of the second day at the beach the kids were all ready to move on.
This is how we roll.  On the road again.  Wednesday was our big drive day as we drove cross Florida.
I try to pack in as much as possible, we had a 3 o'clock appointment, so no leisurely drive that day.  We got there a little early and had time to visit a shop for some ice-cream and sweet tea to reward 6 hours in the car.
Then it was time for Hailey and me to ride horses on the beach!!!!
 Kelly Seahorse Ranch is the only Florida State endorsed beach horse riding ranch and one of the few left in the nation.  Trust me, I searched a long time to find a place where we could make this special dream happen.
 The horses were beautiful, not your typical tourist ranch horses.  The Kelly's take great pride in their ranch and their horses.  We had and hour and half ride along Amelia Island Beach.
For whatever reason, we had the beach to ourselves that day.  I had not been on a horse in about 15 years.  It felt so good!  It was a really a special day that I will treasure in my heart.  Can check that one off the bucket list. :)
 After the ride we went down to touch the Atlantic Ocean!
Amelia Island is a quaint, sweet beach town.  We walked from out hotel to Sliders Seaside Grill, an ocean front restaurant on Fernandina Beach.   They had a kids playground flanked by a tiki bar with live music.
I want to open a restaurant like this in Scottsdale.  It is a parents' paradise.  The kids are happy, the parents are happy, the music is delightful.
The food happened to be great too!  We tried grits, crab cakes, calamari, and shrimp Alfredo.
Karlie was really disappointed she didn't get a puppy or an espresso, despite our lack of attention as we relaxed with some wine, listened to the music, rubbed our toes in the sand, and breathed the salty air.

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