Beach Pictures

I knew we would be at one of the most beautiful beaches in America, so I couldn't resist having a family photo shoot.  While the death desert background is unique for our family pictures, nothing is quite as picturesque as white sand and emerald water.
After our day at the beach we all got showered and I started handing out clothes.  A little while went by and Hailey suddenly asked, "So why are we all matching?"  
 Oh, didn't I mention we were doing family pictures tonight?!
Max looked down and around and seemed almost shocked that he hadn't realized everyone was dressed up and coordinated.  I guess that is what happens when someone packs for you. :)
 After some mild groaning, we headed down for our photo shoot.
Everything was going great.
 It was impossible to get a bad picture with such a beautiful background.  We were laughing at the half dozen other families doing the same thing as we were.  O little boy ran straight into the water with his dress clothes on!  I figured Hank wouldn't be far behind him.
 Only thing was they had another party or professional photographer taking their pictures.
 After taking each of the kids' pictures Max asked me if I packed the tripod.  
 Um, no that didn't fit in the TWO suitcases I got 6 people's clothes for 8 days in.
 But I had full faith in Max being able to figure it out.  He always does.
Sure enough, he found a left behind inter tube and propped the camera up on it.  That man has moves to run through the sand and look so good.
 Not bad!
 The best ones were the kids doing what kids do best and playing.
 My heart over flows.
 We are so serious and proper.
 Kaitlin is hilarious in both of these because she maintains her perfect picture pose.
 Hank and Kaitlin wrote their names in the sand.  Hank was quite proud.  I think he has nicer writing with his toes than his hand.
Our time at Destin Beach was beautiful.  
With so many states to see, it is hard to say you will come back to one, but I have a feeling this one may be a repeat.

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