Along with eating foods unique to the states we visit, Max and I also look forward to trying beers brewed in those sates.
We managed to find a beer brewed just outside of NOLA, and sampled an Alabama beer, but we missed Mississippi.  It was a little early to start drinking. :)
We found a Florida brew or two.
We tried 2 beers from Georgia, the Savannah Brown Ale and a Peach Farmhouse Ale.  I bet you can guess his and hers.
In South Carolina we had a Palmetto IPA and in North Carolina we had NoDa IPA.
Over 8 days we traveled 3,352 miles by air and 1,250 miles by car.  We visited 7 states but were in 9 (Texas and Illinois layovers).  We tried 6 new beers and many new foods.  We played in the Gulf Coast ocean and the Atlantic Oceans for the first time as a family.  We pushed ourselves at the Whitewater Center and enjoyed ourselves along the beaches.  We were able to see alligators, dolphins, horses, and sea turtles!  It was an incredible week.  However, we were all a little homesick by the end of it.
We had to get up at 2 am AZ time to catch our flight.  We were so happy to feel our warm, DRY heat, and to eat some salad!  Everyone was in bed by 7.  As exciting and fun as it is to travel and experience new things, there is nothing as good as home sweet home.

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