Crushing Colorado

This has been one fun packed summer thus far!  A week and half after we got back from our states trip, we were taking off for Colorado!
 This time we had a 7 am flight there, which suited everyone much better.
 The day we got there happen to be my oldest sister Chrysti and her family's last night in Colorado.  The next day they were moving to Redding, California.
With us in AZ and now them in CA, it was likely going to be the last time we were all together for a very long time.  It makes me sad to see our families only get together once in awhile.  For a few years we were all so close and big gatherings like these were the norm rather than a rare celebration. 
 Hopefully we can all try to commit to getting together once a year.
 The cousin love is so great.  They had a blast riding bikes, playing, and having water balloon fights.  It was really special, just by chance, to get this one last family night together where all the cousins could hang out and have a big old sleep over at Grammy and Gramps' house.
 One of the kids' favorite places in Colorado is the Museum of Nature and Science.  Hailey was thrilled when it worked out for us to all go.
The animal habitats are a must.  We thought it was fun to take a picture in Colorado with our new home state background. :)
 The space station is a favorite with the moon sand and astronaut play station.  
We have just about out grown the play zone.
Since we had been there last, they created a new kids play zone.  The water stations were meant for smaller children and when the water sprayed overhead, Hailey was so tall, it his her square in the head and drenched her!!  Still a kid at heart.
 Max and Hank had fun in the human body section where Hank completed his first autopsy.
   Max was beaming with pride.  :)
 We have grown a bit since this visit.
The kids loved visiting the museum.
That night we visited our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Sabor!  We still haven't found anything close to as good as Elsa.
 The next day it was time to see our good family friends.  They were kind enough to host us for two nights.  They lived just 3 houses up from our old house, so the kids got to run around our old neighborhood for two nights.  The first night Karlie and Kaitlin went to a sleep over at Karlie's best friend Marley's house.  Those two girls have a special bond that seems unbreakable.
 It is the quintessential suburban neighborhood.  Everyone hangs out on their front porch.  Everyone watches out for each other's kids.  In fact when Hank crashed his scooter, a neighbor we did not know came to check on him.  It is the neighborhood where kids run in and out of each other's house and where laughing and kids playing is the constant hum in the background.
 On Friday we went to Water World with a big group from the hood and had so much fun.  That is until Hank tried to dive under a wave in the wave pool and took off a few layers of his nose.  Poor guy just has to hurt himself somehow!  But a visit to the first aid station with the fireman and little ice cream cheered him right up.
 That night the kids played kick the can, hide and seek, and roasted S'mores.
 It was so idealic, it hurt.
We so miss our friends in our neighborhood and the kids being able to run around together.
 Scotty had a special place in his heart for Hank when Hank was a toddler.  He wanted a picture with Hank, but Hank fell asleep before we got to it.  So sweet.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.   On Saturday morning it was time to go visit Brad, Max's college roommate and our long time friend.  He invited their other college roommate Eric and we got to visit with the boys and Brad's wife over lunch.  It was great to see Brad and we hope they will come for spring training next year.
Then it was time to head downtown for my cousin Abby's wedding!
 I am so bummed I forgot to get a family picture.  We were dressed to the nines and this was all I got.
I guess I was too wrapped up in the moment.
Abby was gorgeous and it was a lovely wedding.  It was great for us to see all of my extended family for such a important celebration.  Max and I managed to squeeze in a few dances and close down the bar.  We are always down for a good time!
 Sunday morning we had Father's Day breakfast with my parents, my sisters Mel and Kerrie and their families.  Then we were off for our next visit with Cathy and kids!
 Cathy and I were pregnant with Addie and Kaitlin at the same time and have maintained our friendship over the last 9 years.  The kids clicked just like we had never left.  I think Hank adores Jack, who is the master Nerf Gun warrior!  It was a great afternoon relaxing outside, eating delicious food and being in the company of great friends.
 Nearly every meal was scheduled and everyday we tried to visit all our friends and family.  It was both exhausting and wonderful.  Over 5 days we visited over 60 family and friends.  We felt bad we couldn't spend enough time with each family, but were happy to at least share a meal or a hug.
Our last 5 am flight home.  Poor Max had to work all day Monday.  The rest of us were crashed out for the day recovering from all the fun days and late nights.  I am not sure if we crushed Colorado or if Colorado crushed us.

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