The kids love the free breakfast at the hotel.  Hailey had been very disappointed that none of the hotels had offered free breakfast so far.  We remarked how the more expensive the hotel, the less they offer.
Her favorite meal on the trip was the free waffles with peanut butter and oatmeal.  :)
 Amelia Island is right by the Florida Georgia line!  We crossed over to Georgia and headed to Jekyll Island to see the Sea Turtles.
We learned a lot about Sea Turtles at the Sea Turtle Center.
We got to see the various turtles they had rescued and those they were trying to rehabilitate. We learned that only 1 in 4000 Sea Turtles make it to adult hood!  It is nesting season right now and the the Island had 8 nest so far.
 We wanted to touch as many beaches as possible on this trip, so here we are on Jekyll Island's beach.
 Can't go to Georgia and not have some peaches!  Peach World was an excellent stop.
We had the best homemade peach ice cream I have ever had.  Full slices of sweet Georgia peaches in the ice cream.  Yummy!!  Hank had a peach slushy.  We also got a peach bear claw and peach salsa!  Just Peachy!!
After a peachy pit stop... Sorry, can't help myself.  We drove to Savannah where we visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

 It's grand architecture and interior are reminiscent of great churches in Europe.  
 The stain glass was beautiful.
The beauty and grandiosity of it commands a respect and quiet reverence that today's churches can't match.  (Do you see how it effected Hank so?)
 Something about its extravagance makes it feel holy, or maybe it's my Catholic roots.
We then walked around the historic district a little bit.  It started pouring with big booms of thunder!  The kids wanted to play in the rain, but a wet car ride is not fun for anyone.
 Savannah is breathtaking.  I am in love with the trees in Georgia.  I really miss "real" trees.
 My plans for BBQ didn't pan out but Max found the Crystal Beer Parlor for us to have dinner.  He did call to make sure it was appropriate for kids!
 According to the menu, The Crystal Beer Parlor "was one of the first American eating establishments to serve alcohol after the repeal of Prohibition. (Probably because booze was already on the premises!)"  It is rumored that it was a speakeasy!  Of course we had to try a few Georgia brewed beers!  Mine was a Peach Ale.
Our food to try was fried green tomatoes.  We are all fans!  I am going to try to make these soon.  If I had to describe Georgia, it would be romantic.  Something about the humid air makes the edges seem soft.  It makes you want to saunter through the streets lined with trees and buildings that take you back in time.  The people are kind and the food delicious.  Georgia left a sweet taste in our mouths and minds.

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