Hailey's Big Surf Birthday Party

 When it is 108 degrees outside, there is really only one thing to do... Be in the water!
For Hailey's 13th birthday party we took her and her best friends to Big Surf waterpark.
 Their goodie bags were beach totes, flip flops, sunscreen, sunglasses and a lei for the Hawian theme.
 The girls took of and we hit the slides with the littles.
 The girls had fun being swag and posting on Instagram that they went to Hawaii for Hailey's birthday.  They were so delighted when people believed them. :)
 We managed to wear Hank out!
 For dinner Hailey wanted to go everyone's favorite burger joint.  The girls sat outside in the 108 degree heat.  I guess that is how badly that wanted to be alone.  LOL
 Then it was back to our place for cake and a slumber party.
 Two things Hailey loves are bread and chocolate ganache cake.  She is big enough to light her own candles now.  Sniff, sniff.
Hailey's birthday party was special and sad.  It was the last time all the girls would be together for the for seeable future.  On Tuesday Syliva was heading back to Iceland after visiting for 2 weeks.  On Wednesday Ana would moved to Chicago, and on Thursday Nicole would move to California.  Half of there group will be gone.  They are such a tight bunch of sweet girls.  They have had so much fun growing from kids to young ladies together.  That night they giggled into the wee hours.  The goodbyes in the morning were so sad they had the moms crying with them by the end of it.  It is so hard to watch your kids go through stuff that hurts.   A part of you wants to do everything possible to insulate them from it and to try to figure out a way to fix it.  To make it all better.  But life is full of wonderful and good times and also many sad and hard times.  It seemed poignant to me that Hailey would experience this dichotomy of life on her 13th birthday.  A bitter sweet birthday full of the joys and sorrows of growing up.

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