How Hailey Spent Her 13th Birthday

We had one last hurrah of childhood and danced the night away before she turned 13.

It is both lucky and unlucky to have a birthday in the summer.  You miss the pomp and circumstance of everyone at school celebrating your special day but you get to do more because you are not at school.
Then as if to underline and bold that she is a teen, she ditched us for the day to hang out with her friends and go to the movies. :)  She also requested a birthday menu worthy of an adult.
Creamed Eggs for breakfast.
 Sushi for a late lunch!
 We had an all out feast to welcome Hailey to her teens.
King crab legs, artichokes, salad, and her favorite rolls.
 Hailey has grown into such a beautiful young lady. 
 We love her so much and can't wait to see all she will accomplish in this next chapter of her life.
Praying all your wishes come true Jo-Jo.

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