Just Beachin' Day 1

The kids have only known of Pacific ocean beaches (Hailey was 2 and Karlie 11 weeks when they went to Mexico).  San Diego is the warmest ocean water they have ever played in.  Destin Beach's  white sand and warm, clear water was such a delight.
This type of sand demands sand castles!
It was the type of sand that is lovely to sit in.  It dusts right off when you are dry.
Hank found himself a cool tub.
The waves were soft and shallow allowing perfect boogie boarding for kids.
Karlie is the queen of capturing sea creatures.  She caught live sand dollars, sand crabs, blue crabs, and all sorts of shelled creatures.  She has no fear and is a relentless hunter!
Out on the sandbar they dove for sand dollars.
We played the entire day!
We realized the next day we didn't not do a superb job sun screening.  Due to the sun reflecting off the white sand, places like under arms got burned...badly.  We are still peeling. :(
The girls saved up their jewels for months to get their toes done before our trip so they would have pretty beach toes.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love having girls?!
It is going to be hard to match another states trip with this one.  I mean driving through the plains of Nebraska is terribly exciting, but playing on the white sand beaches is hard to beat.
Max and I enjoyed cocktails on the balcony after a fun day!
 For our first day we had a Florida orange.  I would like to say it was the sweetest, juiciest orange I have ever tasted, but in truth it was a run of the mill orange.  But Hank ate a piece which is major victory!
I gave the kids tropical PJs.
After such a grand day we were all ready for bed so we would be rested for one more day in paradise.

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