Just Beachin' Day 2

We decided to consolidate our drive days so that we could spend two entire days on the beach.
The second day we got a little more adventurous.
Max, Hailey and Karlie hunted for blue crabs out on the sandbar.  They caught this beauty.
We had so much fun playing in the sand and surf.
We rented a paddle board from the hotel and gave it a whirl.
It is much harder than it looks!
There were lots of wipe outs!
The kids loved having Max paddle them around.
I think I blew out my rotator cuff paddle boarding.  It is still giving me grief.  Getting old is awesome.
The kids played in the water so much that at bedtime Kaitlin kept saying she felt like the waves were still moving her.
The amazing thing about kids is their energy.  Even after a full day of playing at the beach, they still wanted to rough house with Daddy.
The hotel was set up with a bunked room that had its own TV.  The kids could have their hang out and we could have some room to unwind too.  We didn't feel like a bunch of sardines.
We took a walk along the beach at sunset each night.
Our last night was Memorial Day.
Someone at our hotel had hung the American flag off their balcony and as we walked along the shore many homes flew the flag high in the sky.
With my whole world walking in front of me, I was overcome with gratitude for our Vets and their families.  I take this sweet life for granted too often.  So many gave everything, so many are sacrificing, allowing us to enjoy the freedoms and joy of living in the home of the brave.
It was a beautiful day and evening stroll along the beach.
To end things on a sweet note we had Key Lime pie!  We ate it family style. :)  Yummy!

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Courtney said...

Such a gorgeous family! Not a bad place to spend a couple of days ;)