After a short drive we crossed the Mississippi line!

 Our destination was the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch!

 They had Gators Galore!  They had tanks of baby gators at various ages.
 Then you walked across a bridge over a swamp that was full of adult gators.  They had food pellets that you could throw over the fence and out of nowhere you would see a gator jump up out of the water.
While we were all thankful to be on a bridge with 6 foot high fencing from the big gators, the baby gators were very cute.
 As long as they have a rubber band around their jaws. :)
 They were much softer than I thought they would be.  Maybe that's because we have dried out Arizona alligator skin ourselves.

We were suppose to ride the airboat, but the line at Cafe Du Monde was very long and a large European tour group was ahead of us at the Gator Ranch.  We had a date in Alabama, so we had to skip it.
But we certainly got a feel for Mississippi swamp lands and gators!

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