Fourth of July

I love 4th of July!  I really love celebrating 4th of July out of the desert, where you can play outside all day.
 Max grilled his famous ribs but did them entirely on the Weber this time instead of cooking them in the oven first.  It was a little like camping but Max was up for the challenge if ribs were involved.
 This little monster was "helping" all day.
 Nothing like a good game of war on Independence Day.  This was a ruthless 2 British against 2 Americans.  Luckily no lives were lost.
While the ribs smoked, the fellas went for a ride.
 Yep, that would be my hot husband!  He's hot and he cooks!
 I was getting my exercise lifting a gigantic Margarita glass.  We sent Pops and Nana an old fashion ice cream maker to have some homemade ice cream for desert.  Our first batch was a Hank special of Oreo Vanilla.  It was so fun and tasty.
 The ribs were as delicious as they were beautiful.
 Love of family, country and God!
We are grateful to be able to live such a happy life in the land of the free thanks to the brave.
 Happy Independence Day!

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