Grandparents Gone Wild

I am not sure who is more blessed by Pops and Nana, the kids or Max and me.  My father's parents died when I was a young child and my mother's parents were not a regular part of our lives due to illness and distance.  I always dreamed what it would be like to have those grandparents that you have a close relationship with and could go spend time with in the summer.  I have a pretty active imagination, so I dreamed up the quintessential grandparents.  The kind where, "Yes!" is the answer instead of "No!"  The kind that look forward to playing with you.  The kind that allow you to do stuff mom and dad wouldn't.  The kind that make you feel special.  I am so lucky that we get to see that dream be a reality.
While we were in Maui, the kids had a vacation all their own!  Nearly everyday they got out on the water in kayaks or canoes.

 Max's cousin Alex lives near Nana and Pops and his children Chase and Zoe came to play.  Hank thought Chase was so cool.  He wanted to do everything Chase did.
 Karlie has always wanted to play in the mud when the tide was out.  Remember that part about saying yes instead of no?  :)
You want to roll around in the mud?  Yes!   She and Zoe seem like kindred spirits.
 Nana had lots of fun crafts on hand.  The girls really loved making tissue paper flowers.
 More mess?  Yes!  They made Oobleck, which is like slime.
 You want to start a fire?  Yes!  From what I understand Hank and Karlie have been properly inducted into the pyrotechnician family.  
You want to shoot rockets high in the sky!?  Yes!
Another favorite Nana and Pops meal is individual homemade pizzas.  I have tired and failed twice with the pizza dough at home.  Sometimes, it is just better with Grandma. :)
 I am thinking at this point the kids were hoping we would stay in Hawaii another week.
 Happy kids!
 I don't have many pictures of Hailey because she went up to Chico to visit Aunt Anna and do some big girl crafting, art and eating out while we were gone!
However, while she was at the Villa, Hailey and Pops worked on this giant canvas and painted the galaxy horse.  Such a creative and talented bunch.
 The littles made some camp Nana and Pops shirts.
 They also got to take a trip into Berkeley for Gordos.  Max and I were slightly jealous as we were getting our daily updates.  The beaches in Maui are awesome, but Gordos is a rare and special treat!  Hank managed to take down an entire burrito.
 No trip would be complete without the Nana train and a ride on the carousel.
 On 7-11 they went and got their free slurpee.
 Nana the teacher always manages to teach the kids something about where Mom and Dad are visiting.  They have created beautiful dioramas of Paris, Italy and Mexico.  They have learned to do art work like Michelangelo. 
This time they built a volcano!
 Seriously!  Who are these grandparents?  Pops even put a polyurethane coat on it so it wouldn't fall apart after the first eruption, which allowed the kids to erupt it over and over with different ratios of baking powder and vinegar until they got it just right!
Thank you Nana and Pops for not just being willing to watch the kids but to put your heart and soul into caring for them.  We are all blessed by your love and efforts.

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