How July Did Fly By So Fast?

Everyone was very excited to get home after our trip to California.  Traveling is exciting and fun, but there really is no place like home. 
  As I was cooking on Sunday night the kids all spontaneously dressed up for dinner.  Hank and Kaitlin were playing the cutest game where Hank said he took her to the horse races and won enough money to buy her dinner at my fancy restaurant.  I guess that lucky horseshoe necklace came in handy.   He looks like an Italian mobster!  Karlie freaked us out as she turned into a 16 year old with the make-up she put on by herself and Hailey did a half full make-up half au natural style.  Had I know they were going to get all dressed up, I would have made a special dinner.  It was a fun night being in the company of such lovely guests. :)
 We have really enjoyed following the National Day Calendar and making food to celebrate some of the days.  On National Gummy Worm Day it was raining, so we had movie day with popcorn and gummy worms.
 One day we made homemade peach ice cream.
 For National Daiquiri day we made a kid version and adult version!
 Hot Diggity Dog we had some fine dogs on National Hot Dog Day!
Max took a particular liking to National Scotch Day.
We celebrated National Milk Chocolate day with none other than Hershey's.  The kids earned a free dinner at Chipotle through the summer reading program.  After cashing in on their dinner we had a rough Chinese Checkers battle.
While July brings some extreme heat, it also brings the Monsoon season.

 Every time it rained the kids ran outside and play in it.
With the storms cooling it down to sub 100 degrees we had a chance to play some tennis.
Kaitlin is a natural.  We are excited to see what lessons can do for all of us!
Some mornings were even cool enough to go for a run.  One morning while Hailey was running with Siri, she found two little doggies.  You would have thought they were babies!  The girls carried them around and hand fed them and cooed at them.  They asked me to send this picture to Daddy asking if we can get a baby dog!  They were really hoping we wouldn't find their owner.
 We had playdates nearly every day allowing the kids to play with all their friends!
 Boys play with Nerf guns...
While the big girls go to the mall to try on prom dresses just for fun.
 We went to our last Tuesday morning summer movie this week. :(
Summer is just about to get the ax!
Max and I put up a world size mural in the game room.  With the Family 50 within reach, it might be time to think about conquering the world!  Well, at least conquering our geography. :)  I guess its time for our summer fun to end and to let a new school year begin.

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Courtney said...

School already?!? NO! Looks like a fabulous July at the Smiths. Miss you all.