It's Fair To Say It Was a Good Time

As luck would have it, the county fair was in town while we were visiting.  I have a long history of dragging Max to the fair.  Every summer I would torture him and make him go to the Alameda County Fair with me to get a funnel cake and a kiss atop the Ferris Wheel.
 This time I got to drag Pops and Nana too!
 They had a really pretty carousel.

 Karlie is afraid of heights, so the Ferris Wheel was not her favorite ride.  But I did get my kiss. :)  I never imagined as a high school girl that one day Max and I would be kissing at the top of the Ferris Wheel with 4 kids.
The petting zoo was great.  They had baby goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, and even a kangaroo!  We also watched a Chinese circus act that was thrilling.
 Pops, Max and Hailey did the swings while Nana and I watched the littles do some rides.
 We found one game that would insure at least one of the kids one a prize!
 Hank was ecstatic to win Sonic Dash!
No fair trip would be complete without a funnel cake!  This was the first time Nana or Pops had ever had a funnel cake.  Can you imagine!?  What a life of deprivation!!
 Auntie Anna arrived that evening and they went out for a kayak trip.  Little Tic goes along.  He is so cute!
 It was Kaitlin's first time Kayaking on her own!  Little Pocahontas.
Then Pops and Nana served us one of the best paella dishes I have ever had.
 I think it is fair to say it was a really good day!

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