Through the library's summer reading program the kids earned a free dinner at Benihana.  Yesterday marked 23 years ago that Max asked me to be his girl.  We thought it would be great to celebrate both events by going out to dinner.
 I am so glad I said yes to Max!  He has brought me more joy and happiness in life than one girl deserves.
 None of us had ever been to a Hibachi restaurant, so it was real treat!
 The chef made us a beating heart of fried rice.
 It was really entertaining to watch him prepare all the food.  He made a smoking volcano out of the onions and tossed food and his utensils in the air all while making it look easy and tasting delicious.  He was very accommodating for Hank's allergies too.
 Because they were so aware of his allergies, Hank tried and liked the mushroom soup!  He tried sushi for the first time, which he did not like. :)
 Dinner marked a new milestone in our journey...  Eating out as a family was pleasurable!  Dinner lasted nearly 2 hours and the kids were well behaved and enjoyable.  We have avoided restaurants like the plague because of always having little ones that don't like to sit still for long and in general ruin the dinning experience.  I think that chapter is now closed. :)
 It was a wonderfully fun night.
 They even had ice cream Hank could have!
Hailey's art she left for the chef sums up my sentiments.  Thank you Max for loving me for 23 years.  Thank you kids for being the lights of my life, and thank you Benihana for a truly memorable night.

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Blog a Blurb said...

Serious milestone!!! And I don't mean the 23 years -- kids out for dinner and a nice time!!! Whoohoo!! (Although that's not a bit bad either and I would celebrate too! and go Smith kids!!! Love that reading!