Back To School

It seems the summers go by faster and faster each year.  As usual I was not ready for the fun in the sun to be over.
 School always starts on Wednesday as a way to ease the kids back into the swing of things.  We spent Monday and Tuesday doing some final preparations (shopping) and playing.  We found a few new outfits to start the year, new shoes and hair cuts.  The girls all put on nail wraps.  They turned out so cute.  Too bad they don't stay on for 10 days like the package claims.  More like 10 hours!
On Tuesday we spent the day swimming and watching a movie with popcorn.  I was savoring my last summer day with my peeps.
5:30 came very early and I can tell you I did not miss packing lunches and water bottles.

 Hailey has become quite the beautiful lady.  I loved her first day outfit.  Converse rock!  Queen of the school for 8th grade.
Karlie's shirt sums her up perfectly.  She was fearless and eager to get back to school to see her friends and start learning.  She is a go getter!  Watch out 5th grade, your are about to get crushed. :)

 My little tender flower Kaitlin on the other had was struggling pretty hard.  Going back to school is always a rough transition for her.  Once she gets settles into the new routine she loves it, but the first day is always hard for both of us. :(  I know she will thrive in 3rd grade once she gets rolling.
How can my baby be this big!?  How can he be in 1st grade? He is such a sweet boy, I didn't want to let him go.  Thoughts of homeschooling drifted through my mind.  But it would be for me, not them.
My back to school pack!
 Everyone was sporting their new shoes.  After months of flip flops it was strange to see them all in sneakers.
Karlie was thrilled when she found out she got Mrs. Q.  She has been teaching for 30 years and is so fired up and ready to challenge our fearless one!
 Kaitlin also got the teacher she wanted, Mrs. A, who has been at their school for 19 years.  One of Kaitlin's main worries the night before school was if her teacher was going to hug her when she was sad. :(  As soon as I got this pic, Mrs. A gave her a huge a hug and whisked Kaitlin in the class to do a very important job.  I saw Kaitlin on the play ground 5 minutes later and she was all smiles.  Made my heart smile.  I am so thankful for her teacher's loving touch.
Kaitlin had Mrs. H for both kinder and 1st grade so we were all thrilled when Hank got her too!  She is a wonderful teacher and I can't wait to watch Hank grow with her this year.
My Batboy was ready to fly.  He hugged me and sprinted for the playground to find his best buddy, Nick.  They planned to wear their Batman shirts for the first day. :)  These two melt my heart.
I am grateful that my kids are better adjusted than I am.  I had my usual back to school bawl on my way home.  The house was so quiet and I was so blue, there was only one thing to do...  Make chocolate chip cookies!  They were all very happy to get cookies as a snack when they got home.
It was National Root Beer Float Day, so we had a double sweet ending to the first day of school.


Lacey said...

ACKK! Your post made me teary...Mine start next week and I am not ready. I like you will have a 1,3, and 5th grader. Our kiddos are growing up fast!!!

I hope yours have a GREAT year!!!

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MKHKKH said...

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