Unstoppable Karlie

Karlie has been asking me since she got her Snow Cone maker if she could set up a Snow Cone stand to earn money for her Notre Dame college fund.  With temperatures in the 100s and our neighborhood having more retired adults than young kids in it, I tried to dissuade her from doing it.  I told her she would be lucky if she sold 1 snow cone.  I explained to her that no one is out walking around in the heat, and there definitely are not any kids running and playing in the streets.  However, Karlie would not relent.  Finally, I decided to let her learn a lesson and said I would pick weeds in the front yard for an hour and let her have her stand.  After that she would have to pack it up.
 Hank and Kaitlin were eager to help Karlie with her business venture.  Kaitlin set up the change box and Hank helped set up the stand.  Karlie negotiated to pay a flat rate of $0.15 per Snow Cone for each of them.  They were all very excited.  I however, had my doubts about how long their enthusiasm would last when no one stopped to buy a Snow Cone.
As soon as they were set up I started weeding.  Not a moment later our neighbor pulled up and ordered 2 Snow Cones.  I was so happy she made at least one sale and thankful for our kind neighbor.  To my surprise Karlie had a steady business for the next hour and half.  They made $30.00!  There is no stopping our Karlie girl!  With her determination, she just might end up at Notre Dame and teach her mom a thing or two along the way. :)

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Can't stop that Sparkle in Charles!